The solution to flexibly expand YOUR service and assembly capacities

JAGRI GmbH - your assembly partner for factory assembly as well as worldwide external assembly

Crossing borders as a team

While our customers specify the assembly requirements in the electrical and mechanical fields, our service technicians implement them worldwide.

You can rely on our permanently employed JAGRI service technicians and continue to use the experienced team for future projects without renewed on-boarding. This automatically creates a long-term and value-adding partnership.

We use agile procedures and digital communication channels via iPads and laptops, etc., as well as the corresponding software solution. Nowadays, the use of data glasses saves a considerable amount of time in the service area by providing maximum transparency between the office and the construction site.

Our service technicians and service electricians work for our customers in the following areas:

  • pre-assembly and component assembly
  • final assembly
  • external assembly
  • commissioning
  • service and maintenance


… because it all comes down to the strengths of the individual project team

JAGRI GmbH is an industry-independent company. We use the skills and strengths of our employees in a targeted manner so that we act with professional competence and passion in the respective industries and projects.

Internal Assembly

We take care of the assembly of your new machines – from pre- to final assembly – and support you with company relocations and restructurings in your factory.

External Assembly

We support complete or partial projects as well as commissioning at your customer's site in the national or international field.

After Sales

We set up maintenance contracts and execute the implementation of conversions and refit orders including the necessary documentation.


We compensate for your capacity fluctuations in assembly and service and you can deploy service technicians more efficiently and with greater value impact.

Pre-assembly and Component Assembly

We assume responsibility already for smaller assemblies or for internal relocations and conversions

Final Assembly

Assembly and possible adaptation of all assemblies up to machine acceptance

External Assembly

From aligning and mounting, to doweling all components and assemblies


I/O check and commissioning of all assemblies, up to the commissioning of the entire system

After Sales Service

Maintenance and repair as well as conversions and refitting of existing installations

After Sales Service

Maintenance and repair as well as conversions and refitting of existing installations


We respond to customer requirements in order to jointly achieve the best results.

For this purpose, we promote the individual strengths of our service technicians.

Construction manager and project coordinator

We take responsibility and focus on the jointly defined goal.

Service Technician

Our expertise and experience as well as the constant promotion of individual strengths make our team so successful.


We take over the electrical assembly including the I/O checks and the PLC program adjustments during commissioning

AGILITY for worldwide service and assembly projects

Our team is flexibly positioned to implement projects at short notice and regardless of location.

We take over sub-projects with your team or holistic projects with clear communication channels in order to inform you at all times about all
relevant processes. Video calls, reporting and document exchange from all over the world are no challenge for us.

International travel planning /
travel organization

Obviously, we take care of the organization of the trip, as well as the procurement of the necessary registrations, visas and the transport on site to give you more time. We work together with a network of partners who also make it possible to reach difficult assembly locations. Especially in non-tourist areas and countries, it is important to have a good prior organization that has clear structures and effectively implements measures.

Documentary of construction site

The clear and comprehensive construction site documenting is an important aspect on an international assembly. On request, we document the work steps and add images for visual representation. Due to our digital tools, this work step takes only a little amount of time.


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